New addition to the family?!?!?!

Bryan and I haven't posted in a while. We have both been super busy with school. It's crazy. Last semester we both finished with really good grades and this semester has been hectic! We both always knew that after a year of marriage we wanted to make an addition to our family, but we didn’t know it would be coming so soon! Don’t get too excited people, we are talking about a dog….. no babies yet! We are planning on getting an Alaskan Klee Kai (miniature version of the Siberian Husky). Getting a dog of this breed as been a huge challenge. Since there are only about 1500 dogs registered in the United States, finding breeders and finding puppies has been a task. As of December we were on about 7 breeders waiting lists. About 4 of the breeders had litters in January and one litter fit out needs. We were looking to get placed with a grey/white male with blue eyes. We got an email around Feb 1st from Huggable Huskies in Oregon notifying us that they had a litter of four grey/white puppies, three of which were male. We were super excited, but didn’t want to get our hopes up too soon since it takes about three weeks to really determine eye color. Well as of today they are about 5 weeks old and all three little males have blue eyes! We are having a hard time deciding on a little guy so we are going to post their pictures from two weeks, three weeks, and five and you can help us pick! We are also going to visit the breeder this Friday to help us decide on which little pup we will be taking home in April! I have a picture of what they will look like as adults. So here are the pictures. Click on each to get a larger image of each..

what they will look like as adults


Todd Family said...

They are really cute! I am really jealous! I've wanted a puppy for the past 2 years...one day. i'm glad you guys finally updated your blog! I was going crazy seeing that post from September! :)

Lillies said...

OMG! They are so freaking adorable!! Are you sure you will only get 1? Ha! Can't wait to see you guys on Friday!! Too bad you won't have your new addition with you...
Zach, Dawn, Alex, McKensie and Heather will be here along with Todd, Charley and I to welcome you guys to Oregon!! Have a safe flight!