Our one year anniversary!

So it has been one year! I can't believe it! The Todd family had a trip planned to Island Park(near Yellowstone in Idaho) for this last weekend. Since it was our anniversary we decided to make the trip our anniversary celebration. We got to hang out with a bunch of the Todd family. It was so cool since everyone up at the cabin had the last name Todd.... we were one huge happy family! The people that went were: Bruce, Keven, Jessica, Jeneca, Breanna, Mike, Greg, Tyson, Brandon, Dani, and Steph! We arrived in Island Park on Friday and stayed until Sunday! We went snowmobiling all day Saturday and it was just great! For me it was a great time to get to know more of the extended Todd family and get to spend some time getting to know the newest addition to the family! Dani and Tyson got sealed last weekend and it was my first time meeting her! She was so sweet and fit right in with the whole Todd Clan! It was a great anniversary!!!! Bryan and I both love to spend time with each other’s families and it was perfect to be surrounded by family on our anniversary! Here are some pictures from the weekend:

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