Whats been going on in 2011

Hello 2011! Hi everyone. This year is going to be fun!!! We are still getting lots of stuff done around the house, from putting up paintings to getting furniture. Our landscaping is coming along nicely. We are on schedule to have a finished front and backyard by March 1st. I am thinking its going to be more like mid-March though with how slow this whole process has been. We started the landscaping project in September and Bryan and I can't wait until we are donnnneeeee!!!!

Some other exciting news along with the yard being done. We are having some visitors come in April and Bryan and I are very excited!!!! Bryans family is coming early April and my friend Nikki is coming out later in April :) Bryan and I both had birthdays this month, along with Kumo. Bryans birthday was fun! I surprised him by taking him rock climbing and it was really fun! For my birthday we ordered PFChangs and had a nice night in with my two best friends Jess and Tanya. Another fun thing we did this month was go to Intels Winter Ball. I am really lame and didn't get a lot of pictures so this is what I have on my camera phone for the month of January....

This is going to be our front yard fountain! Its huge, the top of the pot is about eye level
kumo somehow wrapped himself up in this blanket and then fell asleep
the day before my birthday my parents took us to dinner at my favorite resturant Hawk's!
kumo and bryan crashed on the couch
a typical night at home, fire, tv, naping with Bryan Kumo and Tanya...
Intels winter ball. Bryan was taking the picture


Happy 2011 Everyone!

So I figured I would start this year off right. I am scrapbooking again! So excited. Carla showed me this really cool program online that I can use instead of designing my scrapbooks by hand. So I decided I would get my butt in gear and do the last two years. I don't have a ton of pictures from 2009 and 2010, but enough to make two books. I was putting if off becasue designing it by hand would have been really tough and time consuming, so I decided to use Carla mixbook software. Hopefully I can get these two books done before our anniversary in March. Bryan and I's Christmas break was wonderful. We were able to make it out to Utah to visit Bryan's family. We enjoyed our time there and I got my first white Christmas! We kind of did a Todd photo session and here are our family photos: