Why is there dog hair.....

You may ask yourself why is there dog hair on the back of the two couches?...... Answer:
And why is there dog hair in my car's cup holders..... Answer:

It's a good thing he is so dang cute. He falls asleep in the funniest places, so I figured you would get a kick out of the photos! Enjoy!


Thanksgiving with the Todd's

So for Thanksgiving this year Bryan and I went up to the Todd Ranch. Bryan, Keven and I waited until Jessica flew into Salt Lake from Cali, and then started on the road to Bluebell. We got to Grandma and Grandpa Todd’s a little after 1pm on Thanksgiving Day. A bunch of Bryan’s extended family was there. Unfortunately I had come down with a very bad cold, and was pretty sick on Thursday and Friday. Thanksgiving was yummy, and the games with the family were silly! I was definitely thankful for cold medicine this year and a nice warm bed to sleep in. Friday was a day spent with Bryan’s immediate family. We did some Christmas decorating and Kiley did the tree all by herself! Notice I am not in the pictures because I didn’t want my sick face yucking up the pictures. Anyhow we ended Friday watching the movie Angels & Demons. Boy do I LOVE that movie! Saturday we all packed up and made our way out to Provo. It was the BYU vs UTAH game and Keven, Jess, Bruce, Bryan and I were to go to the game. Well due to the fact I still felt sick, I opted out of going and went along with Carla and Kiley on a little shopping trip and some girl time. We stopped at this party store in Lehi and I had my first Zortz candy, it was so yummy! After that Carla, Kiley, and I made our way to the Gateway mall in Salt Lake and got a pedicure! It was wonderful, especially on a cold day like today. Unfortunately we had to walk out in the cold after the pedicure in flip flops as to not ruin our nail polish. That was not so wonderful. We ended the day with some paradise bakery. What a wonderful Thanksgiving! Notice I did not mention the score of the BYU vs UTAH game… I do not accept the outcome, so I am not reporting on it! Hahah Here are the pictures… didn’t take hardy any since I wasn’t feeling well…..


Tanner in the snow...

So it finally snowed again in Salt Lake last night. Everything got coating in about an inch or so of snow. I decided I had to go to Tanner park today before everything started to melt. It was so pretty in the park. The south side of the park is relatively shaded so the snow was still all over the trees. It was a really peaceful walk. Here are some pictures....

the view on the way down into the park...
Kumo looking over the ridge

sitting on the bench overlooking the park
what a cutie!
all the tree covered in snow....it was so pretty
the snowy trail


Mill Creek Canyon hike!!!

So today Bryan, Keven and I decided to go up to Mill Creek Canyon to do a little hiking. It was forecasted to snow so we thought it would be fun to hike in the snow. Well we went up the canyon and got onto the Thayne Canyon trail. We hiked up the canyon for a little over an hour and headed back down. Bryan and I tried out our new snow spikes and they were awesome!!!! It didn't start snowing until we were on our way down, but it still was a nice hike. Here are the pictures....


Bryan was throwing snow balls at Kumo...Kumo went nuts and was running all over the place, hahaha

bry and kev striking a pose?
bry and kev


Snow spikes!!!!

Bryan and I went to Tanner park on Sunday and walked around in the snow. It was so beautiful! I slipped a few times even with it being the first snow and all. I remember one of my friends mentioning something about snow spikes to me, maybe it was Hailey or Amy. I can't remember. Anyhow I did some research and ordered some today from qvc. I can't wait to try them out this weekend. It is supposed to snow on Saturday so hopefully I can try them out then! Here is what they look like!


Winter's Here!

So when I got up this morning, I figured the weather reporter had just made a mistake, because there were no clouds and no snow. Well a few hours later I was sitting in the office on the computer, with Kumo on the window seat. I noticed that he was intently staring outside. Well sure enough it was snowing. I let the little pup out onto the balcony, and he loved it. He would come inside ever once in a while and run around in circles, and then he would want to go back out... Crazy pup! I guess he really was made for the snow. Here are some pictures.....

in the office when he first realized it was snowing...

he loves to eat the snow off the ground, what a wierdo!


New favorite past time!

So as you all know, Bryan and are are super busy with school. Well I have found that I love to go hiking! It's a great way for me to relieve stress. There is an off leash nature walk near our house that I love to take Kumo to all the time. Bryan usually is really busy with school and work, but I managed to get him to do a big hike with me last month. There is a canyon near us called millcreek and it has a bunch of hiking trails that you can take your dogs off leash on odd days. We did this 2 hour hike up to a little lake. I about died and Bryan and Kumo were both totally good to go. This was Kumos first big hike and he is totally an athletic little guy. Bryan and I like to say he thinks he is a wolf when he is off leash because he runs around in the bushes. What a silly pup!


Nikki, John, Enna and Makoa!!

So over summer as some of you may already know, we meet a couple that had a klee kai the same age as Kumo. Well they graciously offered to watch Kumo while Bry and I were in hawaii. Well having the two dogs in the house for two whole weeks must have rubbed them the right way, because by the time Bryan and I got home they had already signed a contract to get another Klee Kai. He is one of the rare Red/White Klee Kais. Nikki and John still watch Kumo from time to time and he loves going over to their house. They got to watch him this last Saturday and Nikki gave me the pictures from his stay....

Makoa, Enna, Kumo

Kumo loves playing with Enna

All three playing

Kumo loves to terrorize their cat, this is him staring her down through the door