Half Marathon Anyone?

So a few weeks back some new neighbors moved in across the hall from us. Well I have become good friends with them. There names are Stephanie and Clark. A few days ago Stephanie mentioned running the Salt Lake Half Marathon that takes place on April 17th. I didn't think much of it at the time but over the last couple of days I have decided I really want to do it! My Mom ran tons of marathons and half marathons when she was my age so I decided I would do one especially since I will have someone there to run it with me! So training starts tomorrow. Here is what my schedule is going to look like the next 7 weeks......

So Jessica (my sister in law) is maybe going to do this thing with me! So here is another schedule that is more intense for better runners like her!!!


update on things

So as many of you know I am finishing up my college degree in Computer Engineering. I graduate in May! Bryan is already done and I am so jealous! However I am just so close. Now all I have to do is find a job. My dream job is available at Intel and I have applied for several positions and everyday I cross my fingers I get contacted. Since I have been applying to Intel since December I started to get discouraged, and decided maybe I could be doing more? So I looked at Career Fairs that Intel was attending. I saw there was one at ASU and decided to jump at the opportunity! I attended ASU for my first two years of college and am still very close with a family there. So I stayed with the Shaw's and had a blast. I love Samantha's family! Anyhow I went to the Career Fair a bit nervous but confident that I could make an impression. Well I think I did because I got the recruiters email and I quickly typed a follow up email. The recruiter is great and I hope my short three minute impression gets me a job!!!! That would be so awesome! Anyhow here are some pictures from recently.....

This is what nap time looks like for kumo and I....
Samantha's sister thought that Kumo was a bigger dog. She has a husky/shepard mix that is a medium sized dog and asked if kumo was the same size. Well I didn't have any pictures that really depicted his small stature, so I figured I would get him sleeping next to my shoe....So here it is... This is how big kumo is....he looks big and acts big, but he is still small enough that he can sleep on me without crushing me!!!


New wellsfargo card? Help me choose!

So my friend Nikki got her Visa card done with a picture of her pups, and I decided to look into it. Here is Nikki's card:

Well wellsfargo does do it! So I need some help choosing some pictures.... Let me know what ones you like!!!