Summer update!

So Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Things have been super busy lately with Summer in full swing! Here are some recent happenings:

Bryans stuff:

So Bryan has been super busy with Softball, Soccer and Golf. He has been in these three leagues all summer and since I have officially moved teams at Intel, I am now able to attend some of these games. Bryan is really improving in his soccer skills! He has been playing goalie lately in the league games and even his touch is improving! I need to get some pictures at the next game!!!

Bryans good friends got a puppy yesterday.... here is a picture Bryan just sent me... they went home and played with the pup during lunch!


So my parents have been in town for most of the summer and have been golfing like crazy. Bryan and I have been able to golf with them on a few weekends and are loving it! We are gearing up for this coming weekend since we will be going to Pebble beach with my parents for their wedding anniversary. We are so excited!

Stuff around the house:

So shortly after we moved in we bought a nice dining room table. No chairs, just the table. Well it’s been about a year and we still didn’t have any chairs. Bryan and I are very picky about chairs and the print and we just could never find one that both of us liked, until we saw this one below. We totally love them and can’t wait to paint the dining room one of the shades of color on the chairs! Yay!


So Kumo has had a pretty posh summer. He has been chasing turkeys in the backyard, whining at bunnies during Bryan’s softball games, and being a lazy bum at my parents house while we are at work…..

Kumo staring at the turkey in the tree
this is what he looked like after my Dad has just finished petting him...what a wierdo!
Do you see the bunnies?


So as some of you know I grew up riding horses. I had a pony growing up and got a Morgan horse when I was about 9. I loved it! However high school came around and between school, soccer and boys I ended up dropping the riding all together. I always knew I would eventually come back to it. So now that I am done moving around for college and am planning on being in one place for a while, I decided to pick it back up! So I have been riding a bunch lately! Seems like I picked right back up where I left off! I am riding at a friend’s place. Her name is Danielle and I rode with her in Pony Club when I was younger. She is just great! I am so lucky that she is letting me exercise some of her horses and am loving all the lessons I am taking. I have decided I LOVE jumping and really want to get back into Three-Day Eventing!

Photo of Zalsa and I...i love her!
Photo of Dani jumping!!!!

My friend Nikki:

So I am totally missing my friend Nikki…. I want to go to Tanner and go walking with the dogs! Hopefully we can nail out a trip to Utah soon and I can get to see her! So I just couldn’t resist posting just one little photo of her cute little pup pup. She breed her female a while back and has been hoping to sell the puppy. Well just this week he got an owner. They are naming the cute little red guy “Kuma”, which means bear in Japanese…. So sweet…