Trevor Reports to the MTC Aug. 27th, 2008

So Trevor got his call to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints back in May. He was called to serve a two year mission in the Sapporo Japan Mission. He was to report to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) on Aug 27th for language and missionary training. He is going to spend 12 weeks in the MTC perfecting his Japanese and learning the lessons that he will be teaching to the people of Sapporo. When Trevor was little he was asked what he would be doing after high school and he wrote that he would be serving a mission in Japan. Even Carla knew he was going to be called to Japan. She has been saying that ever since he was little. So when he got called to Japan everyone was excited but not surprised! We are all going to miss Trevor a ton! We all left him in tears, but he was ready. I asked him on Wednesday if it had hit him yet, and he said that he was excited and ready to go. I know he will be an excellent Missionary. Trevor has always been the quite one but I know that he loves his family, his Heavenly Father and his Church, and that’s why I know he will do great. Japan is lucky to have an Elder Todd! We will miss you tons Trev!

Bry and Trev at lunch before the MTC

Trev after Bry showed him how to tie a double Windsor(sp?) knot

Trev & all his bags
Carla and Bruce
All of us sending him off
the kids
Carla putting the nametag he is going to wear for two years on

Trev and Kiley
the kids

Bruce and Trev

Trevor's Farewell Week!

We got home from Hawaii on the morning of Aguust 19th and we came home to a bunch of Todd’s in Salt Lake! Jess and Keven came over from California to spend the last week here in Utah with Trevor. It was a great week! We ended up doing a bunch of things from bowling, going to Lagoon, paintballing, golfing and boating(with the Hussey’s)! It was a great week ending in a Sunday Farewell. Trev got to talk in church on Sunday and everyone came over for lunch directly after church. Trevor gave a great talk and I know in my heart he is so ready to serve. Man, I lucked out into marrying into the best family ever! All of the Todd’s are so amazing and could not have asked for a better second family!



Bruce being "ghettttooo" in bry's hat
trev throwing

rattlesnake rapids

Bry and his Dad invested into some guns :)







MAUI - our favorite place!

So we left for Hawaii on July 30th and we stayed on Maui until August 18th! We had so much fun! For the first few days we were with my parents and we finally got to see their wonderful new condo! And boy was it amazing! Diego and Mariela came on August 3rd and stayed until August 10th. Anyhow we stayed at our timeshare for a whole week with those two. Bryan and I even got our first taste of the road to Hana. The views were just amazing, but the road was just a little bit windy. We even went on this hike that Bry and I try to go on every year. I unfortunately have a fear of murky water, and I mean unfortunately because we had to swim across this huge pool of water. It was so scary! Bry and Diego got some cliff jumping in I even jumped off black rock! We got some tennis in while we were at the resort and I even finished Breaking Dawn in 6 days! By the way, it was an amazing book! If anyone hasn’t read the Twilight series please read it! Julie thanks for suggesting it to me! Diego and Mariela left on the 10th and two of my other bridesmaid (Jess and Samantha) came out to stay with my parents and us! We all had a blast! We got to go on a sailing cruise and a 5 hours zip line tour! Bry and Jess even say a sting ray! We saw a ton of turtles and even some dolphins! It was a fun week! I was a bit bummed though because Samantha and Bryan beat Jess and I at tennis! Grrrr! All in all no one wanted to go home. It was great to spend time with my friends but what was the best part of all was being able to spend time with my parents. Bry and I just love going out to visit them, we wish we could see them more! Leaving was sad but Bry and I were coming home to his family all in Salt Lake so it made leaving paradise a little bit easier!
Bry and I at Cheeseburger in Paradise
Diego and Mariela
Bry with his tattoo
the bamboo looks like a monster
my hot stud!
us on the hike
Bry and Diego had a fight!
bry being a mountain man!
the waterfall at the end of the hike
I don't know what we are doing... hahha
Our Henna tattos
after snorkeling!
Watchin the sunset
Mariela and I in the car with our cowboy hats!
us on the hike in Hana
Bry on the sailboat
my wonderful parents!
our friend the turtle
this is my parents condo complex! Its amazing!
Bry in the sparkling sun!
Bryan of course being silly... like normal!
Jess and Samantha in the bay in fron
Sitting under our umbrellas... I somehow lost the picture of the rest of us.
Sandman from the comic?
Don't ask me what Bry is doing....
My babe and I after he beat me at tennis!
Bry and I after a long day in the sun before sushi!
Bry getting fitted
Jess getting fitted
me getting fitted
Bry being his silly self!
Jess and Sam on the drive up
Bry and I with Molokai in the background! the up zip that pulled us up the mountain
the longest zip line! it was like over 2000 feet!
Bry and I getting ready to go... Samantha was the fastest out of all of us! We all raced!
Jess and Bry waiting to go
this was the buggie that took us up& down the mountain to/from zip lining!
Samantha and I at the airport about to leave :(