Kumo comes on Saturday!

Well we finally have a definate date for when we get the little guy. He is going to be arriving on Saturday at 4:00pm. We are so excited. We have all the stuff we need for a brand new pup and we are getting the carpets steam cleaned on Friday so that we can play with him on a nice clean surface, plus our carpets definately need to be cleaned. I have been in this apartment for a year and a half and they aren't exactly high quality carpets so they are pretty worn. We know he is going to be a hand full for the first couple of months but we are just so excited to have him home with us finally. He is getting big and we can't wait to see what he looks like. The last pictures we saw of him were at 7 weeks, and on Saturday he will almost be 10 weeks! I can't wait to see what he looks like, expecially since they change colors a lot as pups. So yup we are excited and I can't wait... I am sure everyone is very aware of this since I mention to everyone I talk to that we are getting Kumo on Saturdayyyyyy! Next post will probably be pictures of us and our new addition!



So Bryan and I decided to go up to Roosevelt for the end of our Spring Break. It was a layed back couple of days. We golfed, played soccer and I helped Carla set up her blog!!! It was nice to get away from Salt Lake for a couple of days and boy did it feel like Spring! The temperature was perfect the whole time we were there! I did forget my camera this trip bit quickly remembered that I could use my cell phone camera.... they are a bit grainer than my usual pictures but it all worked out! Here are the pictures from our trip:

bruce using the "butt move"


Kumo update!

We got some more updates of Kumo! The breeder just sent over these pictures of him. He is now seven weeks old!!!!!! I can’t wait to get the little guy. We are almost done with making preparations for his arrival and it just seems like the weeks aren’t coming soon enough! Tomorrow I get to call Delta and make arrangements for his flight!

Kumo and Momma


Our one year anniversary!

So it has been one year! I can't believe it! The Todd family had a trip planned to Island Park(near Yellowstone in Idaho) for this last weekend. Since it was our anniversary we decided to make the trip our anniversary celebration. We got to hang out with a bunch of the Todd family. It was so cool since everyone up at the cabin had the last name Todd.... we were one huge happy family! The people that went were: Bruce, Keven, Jessica, Jeneca, Breanna, Mike, Greg, Tyson, Brandon, Dani, and Steph! We arrived in Island Park on Friday and stayed until Sunday! We went snowmobiling all day Saturday and it was just great! For me it was a great time to get to know more of the extended Todd family and get to spend some time getting to know the newest addition to the family! Dani and Tyson got sealed last weekend and it was my first time meeting her! She was so sweet and fit right in with the whole Todd Clan! It was a great anniversary!!!! Bryan and I both love to spend time with each other’s families and it was perfect to be surrounded by family on our anniversary! Here are some pictures from the weekend:


Oregon visit!

So we left for Oregon early Friday morning. We immediately got a rental car and drove to Sweet Home Oregon to visit Bette and her amazing dogs. We got there around noon and played with the puppies until around 2:30. It took us around that whole amount of time to make up our minds on which puppy we wanted. It was such a hard decision because they were all so adorable! We ended up choosing the biggest male(puppy #1). He loved Bryan and loved to explore and run back and forth between the two of us. All the rest of the puppies remained very close to me and weren’t as curious of Bryan. So we decided to get the curious little male. Family and friends all liked puppy number three and we ended up choosing puppy number one! Kiley was the only one that liked him from the start! He was so adorable! After visiting with Bette we left Sweet Home and ventured back to Portland to visit with Todd and Pamy! We all visited and munched on some snacks. It was a fun day! Too bad it was so short. After leaving Pamy and Todd’s we were off to Sacramento to visit my parents. We had a nice time relaxing and visiting with family. The weekend was just too short! Here are the pictures! I might post some videos later in the week!

all four pups... it was hard to take pictures because they were always moving

Our big Kumo!

Kumo relaxing on Bry

all the puppies fell asleep on me.... Kumo is far right.

Kumo and I

all four sleepin away. Kumo is closest to the camera

Kumo sleepin on me

Todd and Pamy's get together


We picked a pup!

Well today we ventured out to Portland OR to visit Todd and Pamy and to pick out our cute little pup. We weren't able to bring him home today since he is only 6 weeks old, but we did get a chance to play will all the pups. We choose our puppy and we are going to name him "Kumo". I will post more pictures tomorrow! He is the title photo of our blog for now!


New addition to the family?!?!?!

Bryan and I haven't posted in a while. We have both been super busy with school. It's crazy. Last semester we both finished with really good grades and this semester has been hectic! We both always knew that after a year of marriage we wanted to make an addition to our family, but we didn’t know it would be coming so soon! Don’t get too excited people, we are talking about a dog….. no babies yet! We are planning on getting an Alaskan Klee Kai (miniature version of the Siberian Husky). Getting a dog of this breed as been a huge challenge. Since there are only about 1500 dogs registered in the United States, finding breeders and finding puppies has been a task. As of December we were on about 7 breeders waiting lists. About 4 of the breeders had litters in January and one litter fit out needs. We were looking to get placed with a grey/white male with blue eyes. We got an email around Feb 1st from Huggable Huskies in Oregon notifying us that they had a litter of four grey/white puppies, three of which were male. We were super excited, but didn’t want to get our hopes up too soon since it takes about three weeks to really determine eye color. Well as of today they are about 5 weeks old and all three little males have blue eyes! We are having a hard time deciding on a little guy so we are going to post their pictures from two weeks, three weeks, and five and you can help us pick! We are also going to visit the breeder this Friday to help us decide on which little pup we will be taking home in April! I have a picture of what they will look like as adults. So here are the pictures. Click on each to get a larger image of each..

what they will look like as adults