My friend Nikki

So since taking my photography class over summer I haven't done much with Photoshop recently. My good friend Nikki asked me how I got my blog header, and I told her that I created it in Photoshop. So I offered to do one for her. She sent me a few pictures and just let me do the rest. I had a blast! I really love photoshop and I love learning new things about how to use it. Anyways so here is the header that I ended up....

For those of you who don't know Nikki, we met over summer. It was kind of a random meeting. I ran into some people walking their Siberian Husky pup and they asked me if Kumo was a Klee Kai. I said yes and they said that someone they worked with had just gotten one. I asked them where their friend got their Klee Kai from and they said Texas. I told them that I had gotten Kumo from Oregon. So I immediately went home and emailed the two Klee Kai breeders in Texas. I guess Nikki did the same thing and emailed the breeders in Oregon. Well we got in contact and were friends from then on. Now Nikki and I meet up to go on walks to Tanner and have decided to go hiking every weekend! Her and her husband John are great people and their two dogs are so cute.

If anyone else wants me to make them a blog header, just go ahead and ask! I would love to do one!