A blog for Tanya Mathis!!!!

So I finally got an update on my friend Tanya! We have known each other since 7th grade for me and 6th grade for her. She is a year younger than me, and has two older brothers my age that I am also friends with. Well we were inseparable growing up. I have missed her dearly lately and she finally emailed me and started a blog! We call each other Sissy and I am so excited to finally get a chance to see what she is up too! Hopefully she keeps blogging because that would be awesome. I decided to post some photos of us through the years… so here they are! Miss you Sissy! See you in July!!!! LOVE YOU!!!
Thanksgiving 2006
Christmas 2007
Feb 2002Jan 2000

Photo retouching

So I finally learned how to retouch photos! A link that I find really useful when working with faces is http://vandelaydesign.com/blog/design/photoshop-touchup-tutorials/ Its got many tutorials on how to fix blemishes, teeth, etc. Anyhow I did my first practice one on Carla and I and it turned out great! Here is it!

If you click on the photo it will enlarge it so you can really see what I did.

Also here is the original....


Photography turn in??

So for my photography class I was assigned to take two close up/macro photos and two landscape photos. I just cannot decide which ones to turn in tho! Some of them are different crops of the same image, but let me know which two are your favorite in each category because I am stumped!

landscape 1
landscape 2
landscape 3
landscape 4
landscape 5
landscape 6

now here are the close up/macro photos

close up/macro 1
close up/macro 2
close up/macro 3
close up/macro 4
close up/macro 5
close up/macro 6
close up/macro 7


Kumos personality

Kumo just looks so smug in these I had to post them for my Mom. Love you! Miss you!


More photos for class

So my assignment was to use light in three creative ways. Here are my three photos:

1) Here is a photo only using ambient lighting. I was not allowed to bring in any light to take the photo. I had to use the light only from the subject. This photo was taken with a 15 second exposure. It turned out nicely.

2) This photo was taken using a technique called light painting. The trick is to take a longer exposure of an object and introduce secondary light. In my case I set the exposure and used a LED flashlight to light up the parts of the photography that I wanted to highlight. You can see where the surrounding lights are more golden, the LED that I used has more of a white light.

3) For this photo I used a technique called fill flash. I never knew that I could really take good pictures inside. Whenever I used to try the photos were either too dark or the flash was just so obvious. I learned how to use flash to my advantage and make it subtle. Kumo face was shaded before I used the fill flash. So I set the flash way low so that I could bring out the colors in his face without showing that I was using flash.