The engagement!

Well, last night (December 7th) was a wonderful night:

Bryan had told me the night before that he was taking me to dinner, and a ballet. After he told me about our plans he got this sad look on his face, and I bugged him until he finally told me what was on his mind. He said that he felt bad about not having a ring for me, and he said that he was saving up to get me one soon. That immediately killed any inkling I had about him proposing to me. So I went to bed, excited for our date the next day.

We left for our data around 5, and went to Ruth Chris steakhouse, and the meal was wonderful. They had us in a corner table, and there were Christmas lights everywhere, and it was amazing. After our dinner, we walked a few block away to the nutcracker ballet. One the way there it was freezing, the wind was blowing, and the freezing rain even made Bry shivered.

We got to the ballet, and our seats were dead center. The ballet was wonderful, besides that fact that we were both full, and it was so warm in there we were both almost falling asleep.

When we walked out of the ballet, everything was covered in snow! It was picturesque. It must have snowed the whole time we were in the ballet. The temperature had greatly improved, and so Bry asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. I usually am freezing outside, but for some reason I wasn't that night. We began walking towards temple square since they deck it out with thousands of Christmas lights each year. It was still snowing and everything was just so beautiful.

We got to temple square, and my feet were a bit cold, and Bryans feet were a bit wet, so we decided to clear off a bench away from the crowds of people that were admiring all the lights. I sat on Bryan's lap, and we huddled under my umbrellas and sat and talked about how in 3 months we would be back here getting sealed for all time and eternity.

He then mentioned that the past few months had gone by so slowly, and that he couldn't wait to get my ring because then time would go by a lot faster with all the engagement pictures, invitation, bridal pictures and such. I agreed, but then again realized that he for sure wasn't going to propose. I decided that we had sat for long enough and that we should go walk around some more, and as I got up Bryan said how about you sit down on the bench for a second.

He got down on one knee and told me how he wanted to spend all time and eternity with me, and asked for my hand in marriage. I of course said yes, and he opened up a little Santa jewelry box and placed the most gorgeous ring on my finger. I of course cried, and then we kissed. We were so overwhelmed with emotion; we almost forgot to take some quick pictures.

We then walked around the temple, and walked on back to the car, and promptly got stuck in the snow on the way home, because silly use we toke my bmw... hahah people had to help push us out of it!

He did such a good job at tricking me into thinking he wasn't going to propose... it was such a wonderful night, and I couldn't have asked for anything more! He is such a wonderful guy, and I am the luckiest person in the world to be marrying him! I cannot wait to be sealed for all time and eternity! We are truly so blessed to have met each other!