backyard update pictures

SO this is what Bryan and I came home to today! The patio cover is coming along!


Valentines and Nails

So Bryan totally surprised me on Valentines Day. I got home and was stressing about work and Bryan just smiles and pulls this box and card out for me. He got me some chocolate covered strawberries and a card. He can really be a sweetie sometimes! We then vegged out the rest of the night and watched two episodes of Lie to Me and promptly feel asleep on the couch. I don't know why we are so tired lately!

On a much different note, I have made the conversion from acrylics to this new gel from OPI (axxium). Its basically a gel polish that stays on for 2 weeks with no chips or dulling. I am toally loving it! Those are my real nails people! I have never had my real nails this long before. I am totally in love with the whole thing.


Clock for our family room!!

So this is our latest upgrade to the family room. We absolute love this sofa table we got and figured we needed something to go above it. It took us a while to find one that we liked, and it finally arrived yesterday! Bryan was such a wonderful husband and put it up for me today. I love it!!!! We are slowly but surely decorating and I am loving it so far!!!


kumos show for the workers

So I am working from home today since basically I got up and worked every two hours last night. So I was in no mood to get dressed for work or deal with the commute. So anyhow I am just minding my own business working away on the couch and I look over to see this... Kumo sunning himself and giving the workers in the backyard a nice view of his underside, hahah. What a dork!

my view of him from the couch

view after sneaking up to him


sneak peak of the backyard

So I ahven't posted any pictures of the backyard because we just haven't taken any. Our Lanscaper is taking pictures of the project and all the stages so we haven't taken any ourselves. Well Bryan snapped these three photos over the weekend since everyone has been bugging us to see the progress. So here it is:

you can't really see it, but at the bottom of the photo is going to be this raised sitting area at the bottom of the stairs, this then leads down the the lower patio...
lower patio, the thing with the white pipe sticking out is going to the be the fireplace. The circles on the ground in the middle are the posts for the vine trellace. The blob of rocks on the left is our waterfall which I am WAY excited about! Cement will be going in next week :)

walkway to the upper lawn area


This past weekend

So some of you know how much I have been working lately. Well this weekend I got a small break from the long hours and was able to enjoy some time off. Dustin and his two girls came to visit from Pleasanton. They loved Kumo. I didn't take any pictures this weekend, but Bryan got this on Sunday... They were playing go fish with Tanya :)