Oregon visit!

So we left for Oregon early Friday morning. We immediately got a rental car and drove to Sweet Home Oregon to visit Bette and her amazing dogs. We got there around noon and played with the puppies until around 2:30. It took us around that whole amount of time to make up our minds on which puppy we wanted. It was such a hard decision because they were all so adorable! We ended up choosing the biggest male(puppy #1). He loved Bryan and loved to explore and run back and forth between the two of us. All the rest of the puppies remained very close to me and weren’t as curious of Bryan. So we decided to get the curious little male. Family and friends all liked puppy number three and we ended up choosing puppy number one! Kiley was the only one that liked him from the start! He was so adorable! After visiting with Bette we left Sweet Home and ventured back to Portland to visit with Todd and Pamy! We all visited and munched on some snacks. It was a fun day! Too bad it was so short. After leaving Pamy and Todd’s we were off to Sacramento to visit my parents. We had a nice time relaxing and visiting with family. The weekend was just too short! Here are the pictures! I might post some videos later in the week!

all four pups... it was hard to take pictures because they were always moving

Our big Kumo!

Kumo relaxing on Bry

all the puppies fell asleep on me.... Kumo is far right.

Kumo and I

all four sleepin away. Kumo is closest to the camera

Kumo sleepin on me

Todd and Pamy's get together

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Todd Family said...

Oh he is so dang cute! And your hair is really pretty! How did you do it like that!? Did you do it with a crimping iron or did you braid it? I wish we could play with all those pups. We tried talking Carla into keeping him here, but I can see her view point. Hopefully we will be able to see him before he's a big dog!