Grass is going in todayyyY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bryan couldn't find kumo this morning.... look where he was... cuddling with Trev :)


Some decorations for the house

So any many of you know Bryans parents are coming this next weekend and Nikki is coming the following weekend. We are trying to get some things done around the house before then.... So this weekend we went out and got some things for the little alcoves and tables in the house as well as a painting for our bedroom. We have these large shelves flanking our family room that have been empty up until now.... granted we were only able to fill one out of the eight shelves, but its a start!
painting in our bedroom

Entry way table, got some new flowers to liven it up a bit!

Here is a before and after of our sofa table in the family room. We made it a little more adult with the flowers

Picture easels to display the scrapbooks

This one came pre-made . This is the alcove in our bedroomThis one Bryan and I actually designed... we went to Michaels and picked out the arrangement and vase... it was really fun to see we could actually make something that looks rather high end... this is the alcove at the end of our hallway


patio cover and plants

The bones of the patio cover is finally done.... They are going to stain it and put in ceiling fans. We are having vines grow on the cover to give us shade in the summer and sun in the winter... Its going to be stained a very dark brown color, almost black, its will look really nice up against our very tan house :)

Yes, we finally have SOME plants!!!!!!!!!!!


Klee Kai meetup!

So my friend Nikki is coming to visit in April (which I am WAYYY excited about) and I have been trying to get a couple of people together for a Klee Kai meetup... well today I officially have 14 people on the list!!!!

I am SOOOO excited... ahhhhh!!!!!!!!
the internet is a great place sometimes, oh and email! So awesome!


latest landscape photos

Here are the latest photos from over the weekend...enjoy!


Sneak peek of patio furniture

I am not going to say what we got... but here is a sneak peek! Its supposed to take 5-8 weeks.... so that puts it being delivered about march 28- april 18th.... Hopefully its coming sooner rather than later