Photography class

So I have started a summer school class at the U. My Momma let me borrow he amazing camera so I could get some good photography experience in. Our first two assignments were to take a photo using a fast and slow shutter speed to capture a moving object. I chose to do the water fountain in our apartments courtyard. We were also assigned to capture a short depth of field and a large depth of field. Here are my four photographs.


Updates on Kumo's Brothers and Sisters

Can you guess which one is Kumo? These are pictures of his whole litter....

picture #1
picture #2
picture #3picture #4
picture #5
picture #6
picture #7
picture #8

As you can see one little guy looks identical to Kumo! It's crazy because that was the pup we were originally interested in! Kumo is now 8lbs 9oz and outweighs all his brothers and sisters by a whole pound!

picture#1:Kumo picture#2:JerseyJoe picture#3:Kumo picture#4: JerseyJoe picture#5,6: Flash picture#7,8: Diamonds.

Diamonds just went to her new home in Tuscon AZ and JerseyJoe went to New Hampshire. Flash is still with the breeder and is going to Canada soon.


Carla and Kiley come to visit!

Bryan left for Washington DC on Thursday to spend some time with his Dad and visit some law schools. School ended on Wednesday and so Carla and Kiley came into town to keep me company over the weekend! We had tons of fun together with visiting Grandma, playing up at the University with the dog and watching a movie! Kiley loves Kumo and so I just had to get a picture of her holding him. He is getting so big and looks huge in Kiley’s arms. The other pictures are from the day before they arrived. Kumo loves to hang out on the end of the couch watching while you are in the kitchen. Here are the pictures: