Kumo got neutered.....

Kumo got neutered yesterday and it doing well. The vet said to keep him really quiet for a few days and no dog park for 10 whole days!! Anyhow when I picked him up he was really sleepy and apparently cold bc he wanted to sun himself on our balcony in the 90 degree heat! Anyways he has been licking his stitches so I have to put this collar on him for when I can't watch him, and well you can see how much he enjoys it.... here are some pictures....


Uploaded videos on youtube!

So I am in the process of uploading a bunch of my videos on youtube! I am starting with recent ones like Kumo and hoping to work backwards to some videos of us!!! Anyhow last night was hilarious....Kumo was sleeping on the floor last night next to Bryan and he was so tired he didn't notice his tongue was hanging out! What a silly pup! Well I have finally decided to get some vidoes up on youtube. Here is our youtube link...


We found Kumo's brother!!!!

So I randomly stumbled onto a video of a very familiar looking Klee Kai just the other day. I made Bryan come in and have a look at it and he was amazed at how much the little pup on the video looked like Kumo. Well I watched the video a couple of times and checked the little guys facial markings and realized it looked just like one of Kumo’s littermates! Well I got an email today from the lady that owns him and it definitely is one of Kumo’s littermates! It is actually the puppy that we almost chose! We went with Kumo because he was slightly bigger! So here are some pictures of Kumo’s brother and at the end is a youtube clip of him! I can’t believe how much he looks like Kumo!!