Our Maui trip so far....

So as many of you know we are in Maui right now! There was a hurricane that was forcasted to hit us on Tuesday but by the time it got here is wasn't much of anything besides a bunch of rain! We are staying with my parents in the Kapalua/Napili and it rains here every morning and evening but on Tuesday it rained all day :( We went on a scuba instruction on Monday and had a blast! Unfortunately we didn't get to see anything really cool (like an octopus) because all the animals were probably hiding from the upcoming storm :( Other than that we have been enjoying the sun and my parents company! We have two kayak trips planned for later in the week and next week, along with a sail trip and a magic show!

Well a week before we went to Maui I got in contact with another couple owning an Alaskan Klee Kai! They live in West Valley and have a female Klee Kai that it 4 days older than Kumo, her name is Enna(eee-na)! She is so adorable and is much smaller than Kumo. He weighs about 13 pounds and she weighs 5.5 pounds. There are three sizes to the breed and she is definitely the smallest size. Well we got to hang out with them a couple of time before heading to Maui and they graciously offered to take care of Kumo while we were gone! I was so excited! So Kumo has been having fun playing with Enna and her owners John and Nikki seem to be having fun with the dogs! They sent me this cute picture yesterday of Enna and Kumo cuddling! How cute!

Here they are at the doggie park