My dear friend Nikki's Birhtday is today!

So I don't normally post anything about my friends birthdays on my blog. I usually just send them a card, text or facebook post. Some friends get a phone call. But since I really miss one friend of mine, she is going to get a blog post. This friend is Nikki. I met her while living in Salt Lake. We meet because of our dogs and I am so happy that chance exchange of information led to such a fun friendship. I have known her for almost a year, and she has turned into a very good friend of mine. She is honest and blunt when it comes to telling you how things are and she doesn't hold back her true feelings. She is funny and witty, and carefree. We share a lot of the same ideas and we can talk for hours, which we have done in the past. She listens to whatever you are saying, and always has some point of view to add to any situation. We have grown to be good friends and I miss her dearly. She was always up for a girls night of dinner and a movie with the dogs, or just simply taking the dogs for a walk around tanner or hiking in the canyon. I just wish that she and her husband John and thier dogs would just move here! Or like she mentioned if I could only just clone her the world would be perfect. I hope she is having a wonderful birthday today, and I wish I was there to tell her in person and give her a big hug! I really do miss her.



Some FUN news!

So a few blog posts back I mentioned that Bryan came out for an interview with HP. Well he came out on very short notice. He called me at noonish on a Wednesday and told me to book him a flight out that very night. I booked it and he left work and hoped on a plane here. He interviewed with HP on Thursday June 3rd. It has been three weeks, and Bryan and I were getting worried. Well on Friday I got a call from Bryan telling me he got the job! I was so excited! He will be starting Aug 2nd. He loved the people at HP and feels that he will really fit in and actually have fun at work! I am so proud of him!

Another bit of news that happened this week was about a house. When Bryan came out for his interview on June 3rd, we decided to start putting in an offer on a home. It has also been three weeks of back and forth negotiating on the price. Well we finally settled on a purchase price on Thursday! Bryan and I were so happy the process was over and were thrilled we got it for a good price. We were still apprehensive since Bryan hadn't been extended an offer, but figured we would have 17 days from Thursday to get him one. Well to our surprise he got one the very next day!!!!!!! The 17 days is the closing period when we need to get all the home/roof/landscape/pest inspections done. So if all goes well we will have the keys on July 7th!
So after all this excitement and three weeks of our lives being up in the air, things have seemed to settle down. Now for all the planning and preparing for the move/move-in. Now I start work on Monday, and so all these inspections are going to fall during this first week which means I am going to have one full week! Wish me luck at the job, I am so nervous!!



Some new photos

So I mentioned adding more pictures from graduation, so here they are:

I also kind of re-decorated my room at my parents house and put up some pictures from the wedding:

And of course I couldn't post pictures without adding one of kumo. Here he is baking himself on the deck in the 80 degree heat. He is so strange.


A little update

So life at home has been wonderful. I have been here for about four weeks and have been keeping busy! The first three weeks was scattered with interviews at Intel. I ended up having more than I expected. The interview process is a little intense with at least four hours of interviews and a couple hours of overviews/lunch. But it is all over! I got offered a job as a Component Design Engineer!
I start on June 21! Apart from the interviews I have been furiously house hunting. Yup, that is right, Bryan and I are house hunting. Now you may be wondering what is going on with Bryan?He came here last weekend to house hunt and visit. He is currently interviewing with HP and ended up coming out this weekend for an interview. Yup, two weekends in a row! So thats it for now, I am sure I will have much more news soon!!!