Hoop it up! June 13-14

So on Friday Trevor, Carla and Kiley came into town for Hoop it up. Bry, Trev, Kev and Chris all played in this 3 on 3 tournament. They had two games Friday evening and two games Saturday morning. Carla videoed all the games while Kiley and I tried to stay cool while watching. Salt Lake finally got hot! The first picture the ref from their last game wanted to get into the picture so bad that I just took it! Hahaha. Anyhow it was a blast to have everyone at the apartment for a night. Bry and I are thinking about going up to Roosevelt next weekend since we haven’t been up there since Christmas!



So we are back home in Utah. We barely made our connection in Paris. But we finally made it home! We both got sick either on the plane or right when we got home. So we have been unpacking, getting adjusted to the time change, and getting back into the swing of things! Bryan and I are trying to figure out what to do about jobs since we only have about 8 weeks to work before our trip to hawaii in August. I am taking a small summer school class and hopefully it won't interfer with getting a job! I hope everyones enjoying the good weather because I sure am! It's wonderful here!


June 5th, Pisa, last day in Europe

So on our last day in Europe my parents decided to get a driver to drive all of us to Pisa to see the famous leaning tower of Pisa! We ate our breakfast and were off to Pisa at 9:30. We left Florence and it was bright and sunny and by the time we made it to Pisa it was raining cats and dogs! The leaning tower was amazing! Bryan and I got tickets to go up to the top and when it was our time to go we began the climb. The tower isn’t very tall but the stairs were kind of funny. The tower leans quite a bit and there are ridges in the marble steps where all the people usually walk. It was an experience to say the least. Once we got up to the top the bells on the tower started ringing and it was so funny because Bryan was standing right beside one of the bells, hahah. After that we were on our way back. Once we got back we had lunch at the hotel Bryan and I got some yummy hot chocolate and a club sandwich which was so good. After that we relaxed in the room and then we ordered room service with my parents for dinner. My Mom still isn’t feeling well so room service worked perfectly! We go home tomorrow! We loved our time in Europe but we will be happy to get home and be able to wash our clothes finally!

view from halfway up
bry at the top
the tower bells
thats me under the umbrella at the top of the tower
those are my parents with the umbrellas taking pictures of us at the top

the duomo off the leaning tower
my dad took a picture of us at the top


Firenze, June 2nd - 4th

So today June 2nd we got up and packed for the days travels and sat downstairs for our last time in the wonderful breakfast terrace and stuffed our faces with all the wonderful food! After that we took a water taxi to the train station. Usually you cannot board the trains until about 15 minutes before departure because that is when they pull into the station but luck for us our train was originating in Venice and so we got to board early. We needed the extra time too because we had so many bags. I have two bags and a backpack and Bryan has one bag and a backpack, my Mom has three bags and my Dad has two. So all in all we have a ton of huge heavy bags, and for some reason we were on the only car on the train that did not have baggage compartments by the doors so we had to stow all of our bags above our heads! Lets just say that Bryan was a lifesaver today! The train was about 3 hours from Venice to Florence and once we got there is was a bit of a scramble to get us and our bags off. Then we all crammed into a taxi and made our way to the hotel. We unpacked and settled in and then it was off to dinner! We ate at this nice café a couple of blocks from our hotel and it was wonderful! We were so starving because all we had eaten today was breakfast! The fun thing was that it was independence day in Italy today and while we were eating dinner they had a flag lowering ceremony with all the police and everything; it was cool! Anyhow tomorrow we are going exploring so goodnight!
So today June 3rd is our first day exploring Firenze which is how they say Florence in Italian! We ate our yummy breakfast at the hotel and we were off! Our first stop on our hike around town was the Museo del Bargello. In this museum was Michelangelo’s first sculpture and Donatello’s David which was the first nude statue from a Western artist since classical times. The museum has numerous works from Dante and has some of the most impressive small carving I have ever seen! After that we were off to the Monumentale di Santa Croce where Michelangelo and Galileo are buried! Their tombs are amazing and it was interesting to see their final resting places. After Santa Croce we were off to Museo di Storia della Scienza which holds a lot of Galileo’s work. The museum was interesting and had a couple of fun hands on exhibits. After that we were off to the famous Ponte Vecchio which is that famous Florentine! We found that it was known for its jewelry and so I got a ring! After that we were exhausted from a full day of touring and we were off the hotel for some rest before dinner. We ate at this tiny little restaurant a block away from our hotel and they were the nicest people. The food was excellent and we are going again for dinner tomorrow! Goodnight!
Today June 4th we started off rather early. We had to be in line at the Galleria dell’Accademia at 8:45am to get out tickets for the museum. The gallery had the famous David by Michelangelo and it was an amazing as everyone says it is! They had various out works from that time period, but the David stole the cake! After the Accademia we walked over to the Duomo and climbed the famous Florentine Dome! We also went into the Museum off the Basilica and saw the famous gold plated baptistery doors. We ended our day a bit early today since my momma is sick :( We are going to dinner tonight but my Mom isn’t going to make it, so it will just be Bry, I and my Dad. Tomorrow we are going to Pisa! Goodnight!
view from our room in firenze

view from our room
bry playin the piano at the hotel

facade of duomo
facade of duomo
view of firenze
tower off the duomo
bry at the top
at the top
climbing the dome
dome of the duomo


June 1st, last day in Venice

Today we had a relaxing day. We rented the cabanas out by the ocean for the whole day and spent the day reading and sunning. Later in the evening we went into town and got some dinner. All in all today was pretty low key for us. It was nice! Tomorrow we are off to Florence or they call it Firenze! Goodnight! Just for fun I toke a funny face picture since I love making faces! Enjoy!

us before dinner

my cute face :) hahah