Weekend in Roosevelt

This last weekend Bry and I along with Tyler and Dave drove up to Roosevelt Friday during the day. We got there around six and settled in. Saturday was an all day event. We went wake boarding on Ray and Nancy’s boat along with Tylers little brother Mitch, and of course Bruce, Carla and Kiley. The weather was bit cold for boating as you can see by Carla and I in our sweatshirts. It was fun regardless though. After boating we came back and BBQed for a bit and enjoyed the beautiful day! After we were full from the wonderful meal we were off to go paintballing! It was Bryan, Tyler and I on one team with Dave Bruce and Ray on the other team. We played three rounds and we tied one lost one and won one! It was a blast. We left early Sunday morning and drove back to Salt Lake. I wish we could have stayed a bit longer. It really was a short weekend!

the guys in thier wetsuits
bry trying to get his on
ty grabbing the board
bruce and kiley
bry jumpin
kiley drivin

the were trying to run back and forth and make the floating dock rock

Dave wanted a paintball wound and so he got one!


Todd Family said...

Hey, there's a new Argentina food restaurant coming up by our house..hopefully it will be up by October! By the way...did you go wakeboarding on this trip?!

Mari-eggo said...

so when are you guys going to UPDATE your blog? we want to know what's going on with you guys!!