Kumo gets wet

Well after Ben's wedding we had some of our friends over and we all went down to the hot tub. I just stuck my feet in because I wanted to be able to watch Kumo. Our hot tub is fenced in but I had him on a leash just in case he wanted to try some funny business. Well I guess he wanted to be with all the rest of the people in the hot tub and he jumped in! The hot tub is so hot and I immediately scooped him up. It was hilarious because when he gets wet you can really see how skinny his legs are.... huskies are known for having small frames hidden underneath their thick coats and Kumo looks just like Nakita when he gets well with his small legs. Anyhow everyone was laughing and I thought it was pretty funny, but I immediately had to take him upstairs to wash the chlorine off him since he is still a pup and I don't know what chlorine will do to his skin. Anyhow I took some pictures in the bathroom after dunking him in the bathtub... he was not happy with me... here they are:

Ben's wedding!

So Ben(Bryan's mission companion, who he is still very close with) got sealed for all time and eternity in the Salt Lake temple yesterday to Allyson! It was a beautiful day here in Salt Lake. It has been raining for the past few days so everything is just so green! Here are some pictures from the day.


My two sleepy loves...

So Kumo loves to sleep on Bryan... We went up to the mountains this last weekend for Bryan to snowboard and for Kumo and I to play in the snow. On the way home Kumo was so tired but he only wanted to sleep ontop of Bryan's shoulders...silly dog... here are the pictures...


It snowed today!

Here are the pictures of the little guy in the snow. He ran around like crazy! Now he is sound asleep since he tuckered himself out.

The Todd's came into town!

So the Todd's came into town on Monday and got to meet Kumo, here are the pictures from the day. They were only here for a short while, and we some how missed getting a picture of Bruce!


Kumo has discovered a new toy....

Kumo has finally warmed up to his puprle octopus toy.... he is now obsessed with it and plays with it all the time.... until he falls asleep. Here are some new pictures and a video, check out the sound on the viedo since the toy makes so much noise, its funny!


KUMO made it home!

So we got the little pup yesterday and he is fantastic. I am watching him right now so I will make this post short, but here are the pictures from the day. Dave and Tyler were over as well. The first picture is right when we picked him up. He is so cute! Well I need to go feed him! enjoy the pictures!