So nothing terribly exciting has been happening over here besides some new house additions. I figured I should blog about something since I haven't blogged in forever!

The only remaining three plants in our front yard have decided its fall in all of like 5 days.... look how red they are! On a related note, landscaping is coming along. We are hoping for a completion of early next year.
But other places it looks like spring. For those of you who don't live here in northern california, winter brings green green green! The only season that is brown here is fall.
So before the time change this is what it looked like coming home. That is one of the entrances to our neighborhood. The clouds were always so pretty! But now I come home in the dark, its awful! :(
So as some of you know, we don't really like our front entry way. You come in the front door and you either have to go down to the garage or come up to the rest of the house. We changed the door shortly after moving in and added wall sconces. We are now to the point were we added an entry table and some paintings. I am liking the entry more and more every day! Bryan even picked out that lovely rug in the entry way.