Trip to Utah and past few weeks

So this last weekend we went out to visit Bryans family. His younger brother Trevor had just come home from a two year mission in Japan. It was so awesome to see him! I didn’t realize how much I missed him until this weekend. He has come back to the States a man with such confidence, its awesome! He has some awesome stories and insight to the Japanese culture. I love sushi and so I was loving everything he could tell me about Japan and the food and the culture. Bryans Aunt and Uncle from Texas came as well and brought their three kids. I haven’t seen them since the wedding so it was nice to spend time with them. Bryans Dad’s side of the family came into town on Sunday for Trevor’s talk in church and for lunch afterwards. Trevor’s talk was awesome; it was so nice to see him so happy and smiling. I wish the weekend was longer, but Bryan and I headed back to Sac late Sunday night.

Bryans Mom's Brothers family: Cooper, Abby, Kimbal, Avery, Shannon and Grant
Bryan and I with Trev!!!!!!!!!!

On a side note, my phone crapped out of me yesterday. I was already sleepy from traveling until late in the night and on top of that my phone dies. I did a system update and it wouldn’t turn back on. Well since I have the droid they didn’t have any in stock, and they later found they didn’t have any in the warehouse either. So long story short I will not be getting another phone until Wednesday or Thursday after work L I didn’t realize how much I use my phone and not for phone calls or texts. I use it for directions and the big ticket item is the alarm clock. I take naps in my car during lunch when I am sleepy and I couldn’t yesterday because I had no alarm clock. Silly me didn’t realize this until I was parked under a shaded tree with the seat back and the windows rolled…. So I didn’t get a nap L

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Island Lillies said...

Dana & Bryan,
Awesome pics...thank you for sharing!! Wish we could have been there to share in the good times, laughs and I am sure in my Sissie's home, tons of good food!! Love you guys!!!