friends/work/weekend/house/jobs so many new things going on with us!!!!


So I have been re-connecting with a bunch of High School friends. It has been great! I have lived away from the Sacramento area for 7 years and coming home to all my friends has been amazing. Some of them I haven’t seen since graduation while others I have seen over Christmases and school breaks. It really is nice to have girls nights again and have people to shoot the breeze with. It’s also nice to catch up and see where everyone is at in their lives. We are all starting to feel like adults!

This weekend

This weekend we are going out to visit Bryan’s family. I am so excited. I haven’t seen his family since we moved into our house in July. Bryan’s brother Trevor is finally home! He served a two year mission in Sapporo Japan and came home last Friday. We are traveling out to Roosevelt Utah on Friday and staying until Sunday. I wish we could stay longer! We are going to their place for Christmas this year and I am excited, this will be my first Christmas with the Todds!!! Here is a picture from the last time I saw Trevor! We went to an amusement park in August 2008.

Bryans Job

So Bryan started at HP last week and he is loving it! He gets to work with people close to his age. He is going to be going inside Sales at HP and I am so proud of him! He really is enjoying work and will be in training for a while. He will get an account, meaning start real work on Nov 1st. He is hoping for an eastern account so that he can start work at 6am and get off at 3pm! I am just so happy that both of us have jobs that we love!

My Work

So work has been going really good. I think my body is slowly adjusting to being at work 9 hours a day. I am definitely not having a hard time sleeping anymore. Have I told you how much I love Intel. Let me see, the benefits, the 401k matching, the working from home option, the free drinks, the free fruit, the casual dress, and the fun stuff I get to do at work every day. I am learning a ton. I wish I could learn quicker so I could be more of a help to my team, but there is so much to learn… In a nutshell I love it. Here is a picture of my desk....


The house has been amazing. We have been doing lots of things and all our projects seem to be going well. Our next major project is the landscaping. We basically have a lack of landscaping all over our property. We can’t wait to finalize plans and get started. It will take about 12 weeks to finish and I can’t wait to start enjoying our yard! One of the other things we got installed is a whole house fan, I know I blogged about it before but it is amazing. I mean it has been getting so cool at night here that we are running it every night and we haven’t turned our air conditioner on for days. I mean this morning I woke up and it was 64 degrees in the house! Bryan rolled over this morning and told me he was cold so I gave him a blanket! Can you believe that, summer and we are cold. Awesome! Here are some photos of the house, our new bed and new fans!!!


I know all of you love my nail posts, but I have to share this amazing color with all of you. It’s called OPI ink and it is amazing. It is basically blue in sunlight and purple indoors. Here are two pictures: Ps- these are not my nails, I just steal pictures from google!




So I have majorly fallen down on picture taking. I don’t even know where my little camera is at the moment. Moving has kind of turned things upside down. I scrapbooked Bryan and I’s first year of marriage and stopped there. I need to start up again and it makes me sad I really feel down on the job the last year and half. When you see me next ask me how my scrapbooking is going so I feel bad and pick it up again, okay? I really need to transfer the program along with all the clipart from the computer I used in Salt Lake. We had it in our office at the apartment and both Bryan and I used it. Well now that we both have our own offices at home, Bryan set it up in his office. I figure I got a computer from work and I could just use that for my office. Well I totally forgot about the scrapbook thing and now I am kind of confused at what I should do….

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