Decompression at Work

So last week I got an email about decompression the cubicles in my building. I didn’t think much of it since I am new. I figured there is no way the new hires are going to get bigger cubes. My cube right now it fairly big. It’s about 6X9. I currently have my computer set up in the elbow to allow two separate work areas for me. The setup has worked great. My floor is kind of bare, and I don’t sit next to the rest of my team since they are all on floor 2. Floor 3 is mainly a couple of other teams and a bunch of new hires. Well I guess it’s my lucky day because since we have the room Intel is decompressing our cubes. Here is what is going to happen. See the photo below (grey is floor space, blue is desk space and the entrance is the opening on the top left). So I will have two options of where to set up my computer. Everyone I have talked to is going to put their computer up by the entrance to their cube for privacy. I am way excited. I guess this is going to happen within the next couple of weeks!

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christina said...

awesome! i love the new computer set up...i hate how everyone can see what im up to in my cubie.