Last few weeks

So these last week few weeks have been pretty exciting!

Front Door

We finally got out front door converted by Door Conversions . We had a solid wood door before and it was really nice, but our front entryway is pretty dark. So we decided to hire this company that comes out and fits your door for glass and wrought iron. It turned out wonderful and Bryan and I are so thrilled. It really does make it feel more airy in our entry way. We love it. Our front door is really tall, that is why it looks so skinny. It is actually a pretty wide door.

Bryans work

Bryan is officially done with training. He got his desk yesterday. He really is enjoying his job, especially since he gets to work with some pretty cool people. I should make him blog about this… because I do a horrible job. But long story short he is enjoying work, he will be getting assigned to a region starting November 1st. He has some accounts now but won’t be getting assigned any big fish until Novemeber.

Tanya and I went to this thing called WoffStock . It was way fun. There were vendors and tons of people. I met some people with Huskies and of course everyone was like “ oh what kind of dog is that”. I don’t really mind because I like telling people about Kumo, but the questions they ask are always the same, how old is he, is he full grows, can he pull a mini sled, do they run away like Siberians….blahblahblah. Anyhow Tanya and I had a blast. Kumo and Duke did too. Kumo was so tired when he got home, here are pictures of his exhaustion. Tanya in the spirit of WoffStock got Duke a tattoo!



Bryan and I decided to get out front and backyard landscaped. The front yard was already landscaped but it needs a lot of love. We decided to take out the grass and put in a fountain. As for the backyard we are having a large grass area and an outdoor living space with a water feature and fire place. We finalized plans with our landscaper on Friday. We should have work starting at our house in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait for it to be done since we have no landscaping in the backyard as of now.

Other random stuff

My friend Cara got me an orchid and this is what it looked like a couple of weeks ago. It is having a hard time and so I asked out landscaping guy and he said to spritz it with water in the mornings and it will get better. We will see. So far three flowers have fallen off L I made some potstickers the other night and they were yummy so I took a picture of them and sent it to Bryans brother Trevor who had been living in Japan the last two years.

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