Thanksgiving with the Todd's

So for Thanksgiving this year Bryan and I went up to the Todd Ranch. Bryan, Keven and I waited until Jessica flew into Salt Lake from Cali, and then started on the road to Bluebell. We got to Grandma and Grandpa Todd’s a little after 1pm on Thanksgiving Day. A bunch of Bryan’s extended family was there. Unfortunately I had come down with a very bad cold, and was pretty sick on Thursday and Friday. Thanksgiving was yummy, and the games with the family were silly! I was definitely thankful for cold medicine this year and a nice warm bed to sleep in. Friday was a day spent with Bryan’s immediate family. We did some Christmas decorating and Kiley did the tree all by herself! Notice I am not in the pictures because I didn’t want my sick face yucking up the pictures. Anyhow we ended Friday watching the movie Angels & Demons. Boy do I LOVE that movie! Saturday we all packed up and made our way out to Provo. It was the BYU vs UTAH game and Keven, Jess, Bruce, Bryan and I were to go to the game. Well due to the fact I still felt sick, I opted out of going and went along with Carla and Kiley on a little shopping trip and some girl time. We stopped at this party store in Lehi and I had my first Zortz candy, it was so yummy! After that Carla, Kiley, and I made our way to the Gateway mall in Salt Lake and got a pedicure! It was wonderful, especially on a cold day like today. Unfortunately we had to walk out in the cold after the pedicure in flip flops as to not ruin our nail polish. That was not so wonderful. We ended the day with some paradise bakery. What a wonderful Thanksgiving! Notice I did not mention the score of the BYU vs UTAH game… I do not accept the outcome, so I am not reporting on it! Hahah Here are the pictures… didn’t take hardy any since I wasn’t feeling well…..

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Lillies said...

Awesome pics...and lovely to hear how great T-Day was in Bluebell!! Kiley did great work on the tree..way to go Miss Kiley Girlie!!!
Hope you are feeling better Dana...thanks for sharing...love and miss you...I'm sure Kumo was happy to see Mom & Dad home tho!!