Nikki, John, Enna and Makoa!!

So over summer as some of you may already know, we meet a couple that had a klee kai the same age as Kumo. Well they graciously offered to watch Kumo while Bry and I were in hawaii. Well having the two dogs in the house for two whole weeks must have rubbed them the right way, because by the time Bryan and I got home they had already signed a contract to get another Klee Kai. He is one of the rare Red/White Klee Kais. Nikki and John still watch Kumo from time to time and he loves going over to their house. They got to watch him this last Saturday and Nikki gave me the pictures from his stay....

Makoa, Enna, Kumo

Kumo loves playing with Enna

All three playing

Kumo loves to terrorize their cat, this is him staring her down through the door


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Nikki said...

I love all 3 of those pups so much!