New favorite past time!

So as you all know, Bryan and are are super busy with school. Well I have found that I love to go hiking! It's a great way for me to relieve stress. There is an off leash nature walk near our house that I love to take Kumo to all the time. Bryan usually is really busy with school and work, but I managed to get him to do a big hike with me last month. There is a canyon near us called millcreek and it has a bunch of hiking trails that you can take your dogs off leash on odd days. We did this 2 hour hike up to a little lake. I about died and Bryan and Kumo were both totally good to go. This was Kumos first big hike and he is totally an athletic little guy. Bryan and I like to say he thinks he is a wolf when he is off leash because he runs around in the bushes. What a silly pup!

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