New Year Resolutions

Marriage goal:     Learn to balance horse and home life better. The weekends that I am not gone doing the horsey thing I need to make count! Little day trips or two-day trips need to be arranged so Bryan and I can have some much needed quality time.


Work goal:     Really own my tasks at work. I have had to successful reviews with my new boss and I really want 2014 to be the year I really shine. I have been doing well, I just want to do awesome this next year!


Health goal:     Exercise more! I ride basically 6-7 days a week and some of those days I am riding two horses, but I really need to strength train. I did this on and off in 2013, but would really like to get into a routine of doing it regularly and not just before shows and clinics! I would also like to get back to eating smaller dinners. Huge dinners just make me feel so yuckie, would be nice to get back on the routine of smaller dinners like I did at the start of 2013


Horse goal:     I don’t want to say I want to be to X level at X time. I just really want to push myself this year. Get myself out of my comfort zone so that I and my horses can learn the most. I need to have a daily plan while riding and really make the most of my time in the saddle. I know that sounds really vague, but how many times when riding on your own are you just going through the motions? I want to have a plan of attach for each ride!

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