Nail Polish that actually lasts a week

Yup.... the have finally mastered a nail polish that actually doesn't chip in 2 days!

Its called CND Vinylux, and I am in LOVE with it! It goes on and off like normal polish, just wears so much better! I am riding 1-2 horse a day 6-7 days a week..... so I am not exactly nice to my nails and the polish really does stay put.... I have tried four colors so far and I have to say the "shimmery" ones seem to wear just a tad better and go on a bit thicker..

The application is 2 coats of the polish and then ONE coat of the "weekly top coat". Dries in about 8 minutes... Exposure to natural light makes the polish stronger so I try and get my nails in the sun right after I apply and while they are drying...

If you don't want to invest is a while new line of polishes the CND Super Shiny Top Coat makes your regular polish last just a few days longer... Really shiny!

Vexed Violette- shimmery silver purple. Really easy coverage, wore the best
Asphalt - kind of a navy/grey. Really LOVED the color!

Lilac Longing- first color I tried. Went on a little thin, should have done thicker two coats to really get full coverage...
 Dark Lava - color I have on now. This one went on the easiest by far- GREAT coverage. I didn't really like the color in the bottle, but it looks really good one. Day #2 and not one mark in them....

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