Fourth of July weekend!!!

So far this weekend has been pretty eventful! We went to the Folsom Rodeo this weekend with our good friends Cesar and Natasha. It was really fun, but the first hour we were all so hot. Thankfully the sun went down and we were able to cool down. Sunday my parents came over for dinner and I cooked them some Salmon, parmesan risotto and green beans. It was a yummy meal. Then today Bryan and I made a trip to green acres to pick up some plants. Here are some pictures from the weekend. Tonight we are heading to Natasha and Cesars for a little fourth of July paaarrrrtttyyyy.

Here is the waterfall finally working!!!!

Bryan planted some elfin thyme right along the concrete edge, It looks like grass, but you don't have to cut it! We are hoping it takes well to that spot.
I planted some sweet potato vines along the top of the retaining wall. They are the same two plants that are taking over my pot. I can't wait until they are big enough and cascading down the wall!!!

My pot flourishing!

Bryan re-planted his pot and it looks fabulous!

I only got one pictures from the Rodeo....and its of Cesar holding Natasha's purse...it was so funny, he was turning away from the camera to put it down... :)


Nikki said...

I'm glad your backyard is getting done!

Samantha said...

Salmon and parmesan risotto... quite an improvement from the old ramen and cookie dough days!!! :o)