much needed update

Finally, the much needed update post! So thing have been really crazy lately… my work schedule has been suffocating me lately, and that is an understatement. It is now official I will be moving to another group at work later this summer and I am counting down the days. Here is the fun stuff that has been happening since my last major post.

1. Hail storm…. So much that it looks like snow?!?!?! Yup that is right. This storm was short but very loud. The thurder was so load the house felt like it was shaking. It hailed like crazy for about 5 minutes and then stopped. This is what we were left with… pretty cool huh?!?

front yard:
backyard - right side

backyard - left side

2. Some accessories for the backyard….. oh no the backyard is not done… don’t get me started on that topic….Anyhow last weekend Bryan and I decided to go out an accessorize our back door. We have this large patio space to the right of our backdoor and it basically collects shoes. We decided it was time to liven in up with some pots and a nice storage bench. It was so fun running around the nursery picking out pots and plants. Bryan I decided to each do one pot. So we ran around each picking flower, it was so fun to watch Bryans decision making process. He is so cute! This is the result of the weekend trip to Green Acres.

Bryans pot:

my pot:

pots with the storage bench:

3. Our patio furniture finally came in, of course right after we had visitors Anyhow its looking fabulous and we seriously can’t wait until the rest of the yard is done. (Seriously when will it be DONE?!?!?!....ahhhh!!!) Bryan and I are really both liking how its turning out, we just want it to be over so we can start working on our little mini projects.

4. Nikki comes to visit for a week! Oh gosh it was so nice having Nikki here. I had about a week off from work in the April and my friend Nikki from Salt Lake came out to visit. We had such a great time just relaxing and catching up. The weather finally warmed up for here for her visit and we spent most of the time relaxing and playing with the pups. Nikki brought her lovely little Makoa, who I totally adore. He is such a cuddle bug! Anyhow we made one large trip while she was in town. I organized a group of Klee Kais to meet up in San Francisco. So the Saturday while Nikki was here we made the trip. It was so much fun to meet a whole bunch of Klee Kais and get to meet some wonderful owners. The trip was a total success! We ended up having 12 Klee Kais in total. I really do miss not living close to Nikki. We get along so well and she just constantly cracks me up. In a perfect world she would be my neighbor. It was really hard when she left… made me miss her even more L Which reminds me I should start planning my next trip to visit her. We are going to try and visit each other at least once a year.

Makoa sleepin on Nikkis foot

the pups on Kumos favorite perch

cuddling pups

Makoa wanted to cuddle with Kumo all weekend, this was probably the closest it came to it so we had to get a picture

Me and Kumo playing with little Rusty at the meetup

The group picture at the end of the playdate


Nikki said...

The patio furniture looks great! I really miss you and that week wasn't long enough!

Em said...

Dana! I love this blog it keeps me updated with you guys! Your place looks fabulous!!! I vote you guys should come visit me!!!! So CAl misses you guys and mainly I do!!

Julie Crozier Lamb said...

Dana, your place looks fantastic! Didn't that hail make you miss Utah Snow?