So lately I have been getting my nails done again. I started with the usual pink and white acrylics. I had those for a month or so and got really sick of the long length. I really wanted to have really short fake nails and have them look at real as possible. So I had her shorten them dramatically and had them painted. I have never been bold enough for dark colors, but she put a very dark purple almost black color on my nails and I fell in love! Here are some of my favorites! PS- these are not my nails, I sniped the photos from online. They are also all OPI colors.
Siberian Nights
Russian Navy
Midnight in Moscow
Merry Midnight
Light my Sapphire
Holiday Glow
Black Cherry Chutney
Baby it's coal outside
All A-Bordeaux A Sled!


Nikki said...

My favs are the siberan nights, nidnight in mascow and the black cherry!

Nikki said...

gosh you can tell its only 7:30 AM cause I cant spell worth a dang!:)

Todd Family said...

Yep..I love all the dark colors! Black, dark blue and dark purple are my favorites. Remember when we got pedicures...can't remember the last time I got pink or red nail polish.

Emilia said...

I wear baby it's coal outside around christmas time and feel so glam! ha ha