Last few weeks....

Well the last few weeks for Bryan and I have been quite busy. So here is an update on what we have been doing!

Samantha’s Wedding
One of my really good friends got married on March 19th. My parents, Jessica(best friend) and I traveled to Scottsdale Arizona, and stayed for the whole weekend. I had never met her husband Jonathan before since he lives in England so it was nice to finally meet him. They met while Samantha was doing a semester abroad. The wedding was great, and the best man’s speech was hilarious!

½ Marathon Training
As many of you know I have been training for a half marathon. Well on March 18th, the day before Samantha’s wedding I ran 7 miles and made really good time, but my knee was killing me. I was limping around for the wedding and was really starting to worry about my knee. Well after the wedding I traveled back to Granite Bay to have some quality time with my parents and get some much needed appointments taken care of (got my hair done, yay!). Well I continued to run while at home, my Mom biked while I ran. My Mom mentioned along with Bryan that I should go get my knee looked at. So I went to an orthopedist, and ultimately got referred to a physical therapist. The good news is that there is NOTHING wrong with my knee, I just have a really tight IT band(muscle that goes from your hip to your knee and attaches to your outer kneecap) and I have a very weak vastus medialis ( inner quad muscle that attaches to the inner kneecap). So basically my kneecap is being pulled to the outside every step I take. So I have lots of stretching and exercises I have to do every day and it seems to be getting better.

Island Park
So while I went to Samantha’s wedding Bryan got to go to Island Park with his family. They have made it a yearly trip and snowmobiling is a must. This weekend was shorter than last with Bryan and his family going up late Friday afternoon are returning early Sunday.
Intel Interview
So I had my first Intel interview. It was over the phone and I was so nervous. I have been applying to Intel in Folsom since December and this is my first response from anyone at the company. The interview went well, but next time I will be more prepared. He asked a bunch of technical questions and I realized I needed to brush up on the basics a bit since I haven’t had an intro computer engineering course in a few years.

Snow in April!
Well last night it snowed a ton here. It felt like winter all over again. So this morning I took the pup to Tanner for some fun in the snow. We haven’t been to Tanner in a month of so since it has been so muddy. Kumo was so excited, he started whining as soon as we got on the freeway.

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Todd Family said...

thanks for updating the blog! :) i think we spent the same time in Island Park this year as we did last year..even though we didn't snowmobile as much! so excited for next year!