some recent photos!

So wow... I haven't blogged in FOREVER! I guess I have been keeping myself too busy! Work has been good. I have been working on this large project for a while now, and I am happy to say it is almost done! Since my last post I have gone to a number of horse shows, and actually placed well in a few. I got a 3rd place at the Inavale HT in Oregon, and got 1st at the Aspen Farm HT in Washington.... I guess I just do better out of state! HAHAHA. I am getting ready to move up a level this next weekend, and so I figured I would post some photos of the past few months.

stadium round at Inavale. On my way to 3rd place!
cross country in the rain at Inavale!
Stadium round -- first training unrecognized show. Look at her overjumping it, such a good girl!
And then the not so pretty last jump.... takes some mad skills to be able to do this and still keep all the rails in the cups!
Hiskens -- training XC
Inavale dressage -- so fancy!
Aspen dressage
Aspen setup. The stalls were so HUGE! And this was the first show I took Kumo to. He was really well behaved and loved rulling along next to Danielles bike.
Kumo passed out at Aspen in the trailer after a long day....
We arrived home from Aspen at 7am. This is what Kumo did the WHOLE day
Zalsa with her new at home GIRLIE browband!

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Todd Family said...

i just love these pics! they are all so pretty and could be in a magazine!