Valentines and Nails

So Bryan totally surprised me on Valentines Day. I got home and was stressing about work and Bryan just smiles and pulls this box and card out for me. He got me some chocolate covered strawberries and a card. He can really be a sweetie sometimes! We then vegged out the rest of the night and watched two episodes of Lie to Me and promptly feel asleep on the couch. I don't know why we are so tired lately!

On a much different note, I have made the conversion from acrylics to this new gel from OPI (axxium). Its basically a gel polish that stays on for 2 weeks with no chips or dulling. I am toally loving it! Those are my real nails people! I have never had my real nails this long before. I am totally in love with the whole thing.

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Todd Family said...

we love lie to me! my dad has been watching is forever and we have been watching it with him for the past couple years! love them!! your nails are sweet too!