this is my 101 post!

So in the last two weeks we have had some major changes around the house. We ordered some family room furniture at the beginning of July. Well we finally got it last weekend. The new pieces are the three seater couch, matching arm chair and ottoman and a sofa table. The family room is still in need of a coffee table, but we are making due in the mean time with our 1.5 seater ottoman. We aren't going to be leaving the 1.5 seater couch and ottoman in there forever, they actually go in the master bedroom but they are additional seating until we can find what to put over there by the piano. Here are some photos:

The other giant thing that happened was us getting window treatments. Its really fun to see all the new and interesting things we have been doing with the house. We decided on getting these dual cellular shades for most of the main living areas. They are really cool in the sense that they have a shear material on the top part and a dark chocolate on the bottom. You can choose to have the whole window shear or the whole window chocolate or halfway like we have here or anything in between, or you could have the whole shade up. We are loving the decision since I still really like being able to see out during the day but still wanted privacy. Its the best of both worlds! Here are some photos:
Bryan opted for some wood blinds in his office which turned out spectacular! They really make the room nice. They really do block out the light when you have them closed. I just really like them because it makes the room formal and a little masculine :)
We put these up in the bedroom months ago but I figured I would show them anyways. I was so proud of myself for picking the colors and putting them up. The only problem was I wasn't strong enough to screw the bolts all the way into the wall. So I showed Keven and Bryan and they told them if they liked them they have to finished screwing the bolts in. They wouldn't go in, I have no idea how Kev and Bry did it!
This is our dining room. We got a table a while back but still haven't managed to get chairs, good thing we have that breakfast nook area in the kitchen!
This is our upstairs family room. We have the couch facing in towards the house at the moment but we are eventually going to turn it around do its facing outside. We just haven't done it yet since this couch is huge and heavy and a sectional... its a beast to move!
This is our main guest room. So if you come to stay you are most likely going to be staying here. We really like this room since its our furniture from Salt Lake. We adding a comforter we got from Terry (my Mom's friend) and Bryan put up these lovely curtains!
another shot of our sectional, we love it. We can't wait to get a tv up here so we use this room more. This is going to be our main tv watching room once we get satellite and another TV that is :)


Nikki said...

Thank you!!!

christina said...

Love the new house Dana! That front door is gorgeous! I miss you and I am glad I get to see what you have been up to! Hopefully when we ever move back to california after mack finishes Law school we can reunite. We would love to catch up and meet Bryan and your babies (doggies) . Tell your parents I say hello!