Training so far......

So training has been going well. I have managed to stick to the schedule and not miss any days! :) So here is my progress so far! I am very slowly getting faster, yippiieeeeee!

TM=Treadmill and Out= Outside

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Todd Family said...

Congrats! I"ll have to put my stats up too. I had to miss yesterday because of watching my nephews and nieces and couldn't really be gone for 2 hours. Now I'll just have to make up my 8 miles on Monday and not take Wednesday off so I am caught up. I won't be able to run 10 miles next Saturday either because we'll be snowmobiling!! It'll be worth it though! :) I don't know if I will be running 16 miles the Saturday before either...i'll be happy with 14 miles! how are you feeling?